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The Fourth Reading Salon: Explore Judicial Creditability from The Crime of X [He Jiahong] [Mar.5]

Introduction of the Book The Crime of X

The Crime of X is one of the famous thrillers by Professor He Jiahong. It tells a story happened in a small village. One man in the village died suddenly, and was said by judicial doctor dying for drinking water with croton. The man’s wife was charged for poisoning her husband. Finally Hong Jun lawyer and Song Jia found out the truth by investigations and overcame many difficulties. However the crime of corruption and the lower judicial authority behind this case is very impressing.  

Guest: He Jiahong

Professor He Jiahong is Juris Doctor from Northwestern University in America, Director of Evidence Science Institute in Renmin Law School and Membership in Chinese Writer Association. He had been invited to give lectures in New York University, Columbia University and many other famous universities.

Date: 14:00-17:00 on Mar.5

Venue: Room 0103 in Mingde Law Building

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