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[The criminal concept and structure of people’s criminal offenses] [Georg Freund] [March 12]

Topic: The criminal concept and structure of people’s criminal offenses


Speaker: Georg Freund (Professor of University of Marburg Law School, Germany)


Moderator: Liu MingXiang (Executive Director of Criminal Law Science Research Center, Renmin University of China)


Translated By: Chen Xuan (Assistant Professor, Renmin Law School)

                 Zhang Zhengyu (PhD, Marburg University School of Law)


Time: at 9:00-12:00 am, Mar 12 (Wednesday)


Venue: Room 725, Mingde Law Building


Introduction of the speaker


Georg Freund, born in 1956, is the Professor of University of Marburg Law School on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, and Deputy Dean of the Law School. His research focuses on substantive criminal law issues on the justification of penalties application, the relationship between criminal law and other areas of law, as well as criminal liability of products. His works include General Research on Criminal Law-Person's Criminal Theory (2nd edition in 2009), Consequential Offense and Criminal Omission-On the Reasonable Condition of the Pronounce Judgment of Guilty or not Guilty (1992), Instrument Crime (2nd edition in 2010), Annotation of Munich Penal Code and so on.

(Translator: Guo Xiaomin)

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