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[No.112 Criminal Law Lecture] Protection of Rights and Guarantee of Normative Force: The Purpose of Criminal Law [Mar.3rd]

Topic: Protection of Rights and Guarantee of Normative Force: The Purpose of Criminal Law (In German: Rechtsgüterschutz und Sicherung der Normgeltung: zu den Zwecken des Strafrechts)

Lecturer: Prof. Urs Kindhäuse (Professor in Bonn Law School)

Host: Prof. Liu Mingxiang (Executive Director of Criminal Law Research Centre in Renmin Law School)

Translator: Chen Xuan (Assistant Professor in Renmin Law School)

Date: 19:00-21:00, Mar.3rd Monday

Venue: Room 601, Mingde Law Building

Introduction of the lecturer: Prof. Urs Kindhäuse was born in May, 1949. He is professor in Criminal Law and Procedure Law in Bonn Law School, Director of Criminal Law Research Institution and Guest Professor in Renmin Law School. He focuses on the research of criminal theory system, objective liability theory, negligent criminal theory and responsibility theory. His representative works are Intentional Behavior: The Philosophic Research of Behavior in Crimes, Danger of Crimes: Research of Abstract and Concrete Potential Criminal, An Overview of Criminal Law, Respective Theory of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law. He has published over 100 pieces of papers and case reviews.

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