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“Soul SPA”—A Series of Activities by Chatting with Professor Zhao Ying

With social development, people have higher standards of mental health. College students are right at an important life stage, and they need to live more independently, confidently and optimistically. Students should find a healthy lifestyle so that they could be happier in daily life.

In college life, different problems are unavoidable, such as adaptation to new environment, conflicts between reality and ideals and love-related problems, etc. We would in bad mood from time to time due to outer or inner pressure, which would have bad effects on our growth.  

In October, in order to help students cultivate healthy psychology, Renmin Law School sincerely invite senior psychological consultant Professor Zhao Ying to provide students useful suggestions dealing with mental problems. If students have any problems about adaptation, development, study, interpersonal communication, emotion, personality and other aspects, they could come to Professor Zhao, and she will try hard to help students overcome psychological confusion, improve their psychological quality and develop their potential abilities.


(Translator: Fang Xiaoyi)

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