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The 4th Asian Policy Forum was held in Renmin University of China

On August 31st , Renmin University of China and Hitotsubashi University (in Japan) held the 4th Asian Policy Forum in Conference Room 601 of Mingde Law Building. The theme of the forum was “Market, Government, the rule of law”, which involves several interdisciplinary topics relevant to law, finance and economics. The forum was divided into five section, namely “public law”, “private law”, “economics and finance”, “law and economics” and “General discussion”.


Executive Vice President OOshiba Akira Vice President Shigeru Takahashi and chief of the Law Research Department Yamabe Toshibumi from Hitotsubashi University, as well as Chairman of the National Consumer Affairs Center of Independent Administrative Corporation in Japan Tsuneo Matsumoto, Vice-President and Vice Secretary of Party Committee of RUC Professor Wang Liming, Dean of Renmin Law School Professor Han Dayuan, Professor Shi Yan’an and Associate Professor Yang Dong who are both vice deans of Renmin Law School and Vice Dean of School of Economics of RUC Professor Wang Jinbin attended the forum. Other attendants include experts of various disciplines such as constitutional law, administrative law, jurisprudence, civil law, economic law and finance from both Japan and China, who had a wonderful interdisciplinary academic discussion in one day.


The forum began at 9:00 in the morning. Associate Professor Yang Dong host the opening ceremony. OOshiba Akira made a speech on behalf of the Japanese delegation, who said that Hitotsubashi University attached great importance to good communication and relationship with Renmin University. Vice President Wang Liming, on behalf of the Chinese party, praised that the Forum was a high-leveled, interdisciplinary exchange platform. Chief Yamabe from Hitotsubashi University expressed his expectation on the deep communication about economic law in his opening ceremony speech. At last, Dean Han Dayuan mentioned the particular sport culture shared by Hitotsubashi University and RUC besides the academic culture shared by both sides, he hoped that had a problem-oriented, independent and free academic communication.


   Following the opening ceremony was the discussion of “Public Law” for the first section, which was hosted by WANG YUNHAI, professor of the Research Department of Law School of Hitotsubashi University. Vice President Shigeru Takahashi of Hitotsubashi University had a lecture titled “New trend of the modification of the Japanese Administrative Reconsideration Law”, in which he introduced the backgrounds, frame and significance of the Japanese Administrative Reconsideration Law in detail. Professor Mo Yuchuan from Renmin Law School had a lecture titled “Legalization trend of City Management with Government responsibility, Public Participation and cooperation between the government and public”, in which he explored the management approach of modern city starting from the urban problems. Professor Zhou Ke from Renmin Law School made comments on these speeches after that.


Topic of Section Two was “private law”, which was hosted by Professor Hitoshi Aoki from Hitotsubashi University. Tsuneo Matsumoto delivered a lecture titled “Consumer Policy emphasizing on Market Functioning”, which discussed the ways in combining the remedy of consumers whose rights had been infringed with promotion of compliance with laws of operators. Professor Ye Lin made a lecture about “Enforcement of Company Law in the concept of state-owned property”. Professor Yang Lixin made comments on the lectures. And following the comments was a free discuss about the topic.


Section Three “Economics and Finance” began at 1:30 in the afternoon. Vice Dean of School of Economics Professor Wang Jinbin hosted the section. A lecturer from School of Economics of Hitotsubashi University gave a lecture titled “Labor-Market Responses to Standard Hours Reduction: Evidence from Japan” in English. Professor Hideshi Ito of Business Research Department of Hitotsubashi University made a lecture named “Formal Contracts, Relational Contract, and the Threat-Point Effect”. Following them were two Chinese experts’ lectures. Professor Huang Jun from School of Economics of RUC gave a lecture titled “The Balance Sheet and Monetary Policy of the Central Bank”, and Professor Zhang Sicheng from School of Finance of RUC gave a lecture titled “Great Moderation in China: Good Policy or Good Luck?”.


Section Four “Law and Economics” was hosted by Professor Feng Yujun. Professor Zhou Ke from Renmin Law School expressed his own views on “Research on the Green Economy in China and the its implementation mechanisms of the basic national policy”. Professor Ke Huaqing from China University of Political Science and Law explored the view of Ronald Harry Coase about the rule of law. At last, Professor Cheng Jinghua from East China University of Political Science and Law explored the  securities market with Chinese characteristics and the role of securities lawyers in different perspectives.


The last section was “General Discussion” which was hosted by Vice President Shigeru Takahashi from Hitotsubashi University. Participants asked questions and had discussions about several topics such as relevant issues about market, government, and the rule of law. Besides, they had a interdisciplinary academic communication. Dean Han Dayuan made a concluding statement and gave a handbook of the Chinese Consititutional Law to the Japanese party as a gift.




The closing ceremony was hosted by Professor Yang Lixin, who made a closing speech about the role of government in the market and the protection of consumers in Japan. Professor Yang emphasized the importance of the communication between Renmin University of China and the Hitotsubashi University when there were some difficulties in the political relationship between China and Japan. He also expects the friendship of the two schools last long. Tsuneo Matsumoto made a closing speech on behalf of the Japanese side, who retrospected his first visit to China 20 years ago, and exclaimed the rapid development of the Chinese economy. In the end, he expressed his best wishes to the relationship between China and Japan.


Asian Policy Forum had been successfully held for three times. The first Asian Policy Forum was held in Tokyo, which was co-hosted by Business Department of Hitotsubashi University and School of Economics of RUC in April, 2010. The second forum was held in Beijing hosted by School of Economics of RUC in April, 2011. The third forum was co-hosted by Renmin Law School and Law School of Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo in August, 2012. Through the four forums, many achievements have been obtained in cooperation research as well as exchange of teachers and students, which built an effective platform of academic communication for the East Asian researchers and played a significant role in the academic communication and cooperation among the East Asian countries.


(Author: Wu Chi; Editor: Meng Shan; Translator: Hu Shanchen)

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