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Dean Han Speak on Renmin Law School Graduation Commencement

I remember that on your opening ceremony, as the Dean I gave my promise that you will not regret choosing Renmin Law School. But now you are on a new way and I’m worried if my promise has been fulfilled. I’ve noticed that some students have not found their career, and some are not satisfied with their jobs. I understand your station. Besides the change of legal service market, we need to reflect ourselves. How much dose the name Renmin Law School weigh


You will leave our school and enter the society which is both familiar and strange to you. I know all of you are reluctant to part with school. Thank you for the good memory, development and honest love you leave to our school. It’s a destiny that tying you and the school, the teachers and students together. Life is not filled with success. Failure and depress are part of life.


When you enter the society, you will know that “the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.” Setbacks can not be avoided and it’s important to take it lightly. Renmin law students are a firm legal community, which holds endless strength by insisting and spreading the spirit of rule of law. The choice of value comes first. We should hold humanity as living philosophy and moral force, stick to the principle of rule of law, protect law spirit and pursue ideal constitutionality. We should devote ourselves to model human dignity, spread love to vulnerable groups, let the justice shine on China and ensure everyone endowed with dignity and freedom.


I hope you can face the future bravely and keep confident and positive. Confidence is built on the healthy body. Every one of you should take good care of yourself. A strong body is a need for success because life is a Marathon, not a hundred-meter-race. So a healthy body is the most precious fortune.


In the future, when you feel tired or depressed in your work, I hope you can recall the life in Renmin University. Our school will care you and be your strong supporter. Life is full of gains and loss and our school is your spiritual home. Time lapse but the spiritual home lasts forever.


In the end, I give eight words to our graduatesbe health, be confident, be lenient and be responsible.

(Translator: Xie Shuangjiao)

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