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Vice President Wang Liming Addressed on New Semester Opening Ceremony


Dear teachers, students and students' parents,


Today we gathered here to celebrate opening ceremony for freshmen

2012.First of all, please allow me, on behalf of Renmin University to

congratulate every freshman for their excellent performance to get into

Renmin University. Meanwhile, as Mid-autumn and the National Day are

coming, I would like to say happy holidays and thanks to the entire faculty.


As the first new university established by Chinese Communist Party, Renmin

University came from the anti-Japanese battle. During the long term practice,

students and teachers uphold the belief "study for the people, study for the

nation". This year is Renmin University's 75th anniversary. It is a great


event. New students' participation in celebrating the great event is of

historical importance.


My dear new student, Renmin law school is the admirable place with a large

number of knowledgeable and responsible teachers, robust academic team,

leading academic platform and first grade law school library. Here, you can

get ideal law education, get access to world top jurists, listen to their lectures,

touch the academic vibration, enjoy academic feast. Surely, the most

important factor is you-the best students. You gather together and

communicate, mutually benefit each other. Moreover, Renmin Law School

explored good communication channels with world leading law school, such

as joint-cultivation student, short exchange programme, international round-

table meeting, summer school, international agencies internship which

broadened our mind and created excellent conditions for students to become

excellent legal person with cross-cultural communication abilities under the

environment of globalization.


Renmin law school is the cradle for outstanding legal persons. In the past

sixty years, Renmin law school cultivated famous judges for example the

former Justice Xiao Yang and the judge Song Yushui. Renmin law school

alumni are working at all the walks of life. They not only contribute

themselves to Chinese democratic and legal construction and also earn great

glories for our law school. My dear students, from them, I think you can see

your beautiful future.


Sure, as a legal person, you should have higher pursuit and responsibilities;

therefore you should pay more to realize your dream. Here, I hope to share

with you the following points:


First, I hope you should stick to magnificent dreams and beliefs,  practice     rule of law, pursue justice. Renmin law school legal person.

 After the completion of legal system, legal construction still has a long way to go. You shall shoulder the responsibility to build our legal nation. I believe, as long as you stick to your legal belief and continuously pursue rule of     law, you would become a person essential to our legal construction.


Second, I hope you can stand for the tradition "seeking truth from facts" and continuously perfect your person esteem.


Third, I hope you can stay calm and pay your attention to your study.

My dear students, from now on, you will lead a new life in Renmin law school. Wish you a happy life and good study. (Fang Fang)



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