Dean’s Welcome

Dean's Welcome

Persistence and excellence defines Renmin Law School's 60 year history. As the first institution of higher legal education in the People's Republic of China, the Law School has proven instrumental in developing rule of law in the PRC and also expanding the boundaries of Chinese legal education. RUC Law School figures as an increasingly relevant and competitive player in global legal education, serving as a well-spring for reforms in legal pedagogy and as an incubator for some of China's most talented jurists. Most critically in this increasingly globalized world, the Law School creates a bridge between Chinese and foreign legal communities through our many foreign exchange programs.  These collaborations have helped foster necessary debate about the past, present and future of domestic and international law.

Due in large part to Renmin Law School's clearly defined vision, strong faculty, rigorous academic environment, and influential achievements in legal research, the Ministry of Education has ranked Renmin Law School first in the discipline of law. As such, I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation to the dedicated faculty members who have worked tirelessly to develop the Law School since its establishment in 1950. Adding to our school's honor are the numerous alumni and faculty achieving great success in their careers, not the least of whom include former Law School deans Professor Zeng Xianyi, now Honorary Dean of the Law School, and Professor Wang Liming, current Vice President of Renmin University. During their respective tenures as Renmin Law School Dean, they worked with the faculty and students to make the Law School the top legal institution in the country, while also ushering Chinese legal education onto the world stage.

A successful past and present promises a more glorious future. The Law School e meets new opportunities and challenges with the same guiding principles defined at its founding 60 years ago: to persist in enhancing students' academic competence and influence; to speed the modernization and internationalization of Chinese legal education; to produce students with a mastery of and unfaltering respect for the rule of law; to carry forward the tradition of advocating academic rigor while also maintaining a friendly and collegial atmosphere;  to promote critical legal research and theory; to advance China's rule of law; to provide intellectual support for China's legislative and juridical practice; to strengthen international communication with a view toward broadening China's international influence; to promote teamwork, high efficiency and a strong sense of responsibility; and, importantly, to fulfill the inextricably linked obligations of educating young minds, advancing legal research and serving society. These remain numerous and lofty ideals, indeed, and yet the Renmin Law School I know continues to meet these principles and often surpasses even the most optimistic of expectations.

Friends, I borrow from poetry to express my appreciation for the many years of hard work that forged a clear path toward the Law School's future; a future that promises even greater success: "Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit." Renmin Law School continues triumphantly on the course of progress.  Let's combine our efforts to build a more beautiful future for the Law School and the world.

                                                                                  Han Dayuan, Dean of RUC Law School

                                                                                                                       May 2009

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